Quick Friday Post

I didn’t get as much done this week due to getting ready. But I did get some stuff done woot. So here they are.

Friday Paint update

First – I added a project page. This is for clients to see where they are at in the process. I try to update it everyday as I usually complete bits and pieces throughout the week. So check it out as I update it with shipping status etc. So all in all good times.

But some paint stuff. Khador stuff, some test for a new client, and other fun things. Woohoo.

Friday Paint Update –

I updated the About page with some examples. So if you come from Bell of Lost Souls it will show you some examples you can click on. Besides that I also added a Projects page that can show where I am at with the different projects I work on week to week. My normal paint schedule is a squad a day so I can easily keep up with multiple army projects. So enough about that – how about some minis right? This week has some RPG minis as well as some Khador stuff that came out pretty good.

Goatboy – Friday Paint Update

Been busy – I know I didn’t post on Friday but I only had one or two minis so I figured I would start today. I have some RPG minis, Space Goats, Khador stuff, and some more Mordheim from Fritz.

More paint Stuff

I paint a lot – I will be planning on updating here every Friday with all the stuff I have painted for the week. It is normally a lot as I get into all sorts of random stuff during a normal work week. I am lucky where I have time to paint most weekdays and can get a lot done.

Currently on the block are some Grave Guard. Some Mordheim for Fritz from Fritz40k. Some more RPG miniatures and a bunch of the new Mantic Zombies too. Beyond that I might do some crazy Obliterator conversions for myself too as well as plan what kind of stuff I want to do for my Dark Eldar my brain is brewing. Fun times indeed. So without further ado here are some minis. There are a lot.

It has been a bit – been painting a lot

Finished off my Daemon army for the most part. Small things here and there but that is done. Worked on Client stuff – IG, Orks, and CSM stuff. Will have more CSM stuff too – as well as more orks as I plan my next personal army – OrkBots. Should be fun. Also did some experimenting with the camera so hopefully some better pics too :) .

Anyway onto the showcase :) .

Been a bit – but still painting like mad

Did an awesome Master Paint class this past weekend. It really drilled home some fine art thoughts and combined them with painting. It just gave me more options to give my clients as well as some much need invigoration to get my ass in gear more. Currently I am almost finished with my own personal Daemon army for 40k. I was lucky in that I had a lot of the conversion pieces so the overall cost was very low. This is good, as the summer has been hard on the commission front so things were tighter then it needed to be. It also didn’t help that I had some major expenses that just kicked my in the butt a bit. But I am still here, still painting and having a good time. Nid army is 2 weeks away from finishing (getting some models from builder etc) and the IG army I am always working on is getting close to getting done so I can start on his White Scars :) .

More Daemon stuff will get shone as I take some pics. The floating eyeball guys have a gloss on the eyes and I will get some better pics of them. This army will go up in the army page. Also – beyond all the painting stuff I am still doing art so if you want a drawing/banner design/etc hit me up. The price is low, $25.00, and the timeframe is pretty quick.

Post before BolsCon/War Games Con

This week is going to be crazy as I get some stuff done and get ready to work BolsCon/WarGames Con. This is just a bunch of stuff I have been painting since the last post. I am finishing up Nids right now and will hopefully have 40 Termaguants and 20 Genestealers by Wednesday as well as another Goat Speeder and some art. Woot. So onto the minis.

Big things this week are a bunch of Tier 2+ Empire guys I did for a local client. These are in my new style I am have been working on. Cleaner and some smooth layering. Fun times.

New post with minis I have painted

I am currently finishing up some basic Mantic guys for War Games Con/BolsCon. Beyond that I will have some upcoming White Scars as well as some other random bits and pieces. I did finish 4 Mark of the Wolfen Space Goats based off of the Beastmen. I think they look pretty sweet and helps really split them from the regular Space Goats. These 4 lets me field for complete Grey Hunter squads with Rhinos/Razorbacks :) . The only thing I have left to look at is another Missile Launcher to get a full 10 missiles for the army. Fun times.

Sorry for the lack of Updates

I have been painting, just haven’t had the time to get all of this set up right. I obviously changed the theme. I think this works a bit more professionally and looks a heck of a lot cleaner. I will probably be moving to this one full time at some point, for art/minis/army lists/etc. Fun times indeed.

But onto some minis. The first few are some Ultramarines I did for a client for his Brother. The style is a lot cleaner then my norm. I think these are some of my best work to date and hopefully they lessons learned here will continue on into my other work. I also have some new Warmachine stuff as well. Fun times indeed.