This is a list of Current Projects with percentage completed.

Luis P
Necromunda- Starting on Project- 180 models complete 40+ left to do
Catachan Old Metal Army Rebuild – Waiting to Catalogue Mini total – still getting shipments in
White Scars – Collecting all the pieces – 0% Done

Jens K
5 Terminators – Waiting on Build
10 Plague Marines – Waiting on Build
2 Rhinos – Waiting on Build
2 Blight Drones – Waiting on Build

Michael S – Orks
Crazy Conversion/Ork Bomba – 75% Done

Michael N – Speed Freaks
Just received deposit – have rush orders to complete before I can start on more orks.

Armageddon Charity – Speed Freaks
Will be worked on at the same time as the above army – so look for the start in a few weeks

Joshua VD – Grey Knights
1 Squad of Grey Knight Terminators – Waiting on shipment

John B – Blood Ravens
Death Company Dreadnought – Completed!
Death Company – Completed!
Reclusiarch – Completed!
Assault Squad 1 – Waiting to be built
Rhino 1 – Completed!
Assault Squad 2 – Waiting to be built
Rhino 2 – Waiting to be built
Baal Predator 1 – Waiting to be built
Baal Predator 2 – Waiting to be built
Storm Raven – Waiting to be built

Iron Warriors – Army almost done
Assault Squad Foot – Waiting on heads
Grey Knights
Grey Knight Terminators – 5 Completed waiting on shipment
3 Rhinos – Completed!
2 Psyflemen Dreads – Completed!
3 Squads of 7 Purifiers – waiting on shipment
GKM – waiting on shipment

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