Andrew Baily – Arbites – Tier 1 & 2 – Dirty Style – Magnetic upgrades as well as base upgrades. – Painter – Goatboy

Chris Rock – Bad Moon Orks – Tier 1 & 2 – Dirty Style – Magnetic upgrades, full build, conversions, & base upgrades – Painter – Goatboy

Death Wing – Tier 1 – 2 – Aventine Full Painter – No Build

Luis – IG – Full build/paint – Tier 1 and 2 – Goatboy/Aventine

“I started asking about a couple of squads to be painted…and now, everytime I want a new one for my army, I know these guys are the right ones for the job”

Wymer – IG – Full Paint/Build – Goatboy Paint – Frank Conv/Build

Extra One Offs – Goatboy, Aventine, Rob

Jason Schetter – Ice Nids – Mix Build/Paint with Goatboy/Jwolf – Tier 1 – 2 with conversions. The design was to have a dark set of Nids that were fighting on an Ice Planet. Dirty nids ready to kill and maim all that stood in there way. Currently the project is done with just a few more extra models to do. Look for a Wing Tyrant as well as regular Tyrant based off the Carnifex kit.

Fritz from Fritz 40k wanted me to do some Mordhiem Figures – more to come.

Shopping around to get my Mordheim warbands painted, Goatboy (Full of Monkey Painting) was my first stop- I had the chance to meet Goatboy at BOLSCON and his passion and paint for the hobby was very infectious, and it clearly shows in his work.

He got back to me quickly with a quote, kept me up to date with WIP pictures, and had my models back and painted in no time- above and beyond what I had expected! FMP definitely has that triple threat going of reasonable price, paint quality, and fast turnaround time- I’m not quite sure how Goatboy manages to do it all, but I’ve already got my next batch of models lined up to send off to him…


Jens K – Jens wanted some Chaos Space Marines to match his army. I went with some conversions to create plastic raptors and designed weapons that could be used as flamers/meltaguns of some other worldly Chaos Space Marine. There will be more added onto this as I complete more of the army for Jens.

Matthew Shestack – World Eaters army – Tier 2+ with Conversions and Magnet upgrades. This was a complete army list build and design. There were some extra conversions from Fantasy as well as extra bits from Chapterhouse Studios. That is where the combi-meltas are from as well as some of the Preheresy heads on the Jugger/Thunder Wolf Riders. Here is a quote from the client.

“I contacted Goat boy about doing a pre heresy world eaters army, within a couple of minutes he had come up with an list,and quote for the entire army,and provided me with time frame for when it should be complete. Goat boy had great communication with me he would advise me how he was building my custom models and when ever he finished a model he sent me a picture of the model. The army was finished exactly on time and when I received the army i could not be happier with it, there are lots of details and you can tell alot of attention went into the models so he can meet his clients requests. I love this army and plan to hire goat boy for all my projects in the future.”

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