Wow – it has been too long

Lots and lots of stuff. I am finishing up more and more minis and getting things done. My Grey Knights have gotten huge because I have mini buying issues haha. I am not sure where I am going to go for my own personal army but will see. Welp onto some models!

Lord it has been a bit

Wargames Con has come and gone – welcome to Bolscon next year. Woohoo!! I have been doing lots of mini stuff so this post will be huge – mix this with 25 more bags of art and you got a huge update. Lord so lets begin.

Now some Art Bags!

Update – AROO!

This was a small week – between going full bore and just being a bit tired I didn’t get as much painting done as I wanted too. I did get a lot of art done – so as usual there is always a hand off to what I do. It does make me tired haha. But lets get onto the show with Minis – art is posted on my personal blog. Woohoo!

Woohoo it has been awhile

I was out and about so I haven’t had a chance to update but that will change as I am back to having a fairly normal schedule. I got lots to show – tons of bags and other fun things too. All in all a crazy bit of stuff. So lets begin.

Will begin with a ton of bag art.

Now we get onto the minis. Wooho there are a crap ton. I am on the way to finishing up the HOA Speed Freaks army. Look for different pictures as I get the lot finished up. Besides that I got my own Grey Knights and will have some more Malifaux as well as some marines and more orks for another client. Plus IG. Woohoo!

A tournament killed my momentum to post

Plus getting stuck in the Nashville Airport. Lord that was a long two days. Either way I am back. I will be going to FTW Games in Richmond, VA as a special guest for their birthday celebration. I will be drawing on bags, playing some games, and having a good time. But other then that – I got some minis and some bag art to show ya. Woohoo! Plus my team got first at the ATC. Woohoo!

Goatboy – back from the Alamo GT

Got 2nd overall so not a bad weekend for the tried and true Goatboy. Woohoo!! I got some cool minis too as well as some bags. Woohoo! Lets get on with it as I am beat.

Sunday – Sunday – Sunday

Guy at work quit so my weekend was null and void. Makes for a tired Goatboy. I did get some things done though – so that is good. I started up on the orks and painted up other fun things. Woohoo!! I got a crack at the new Warmachine super Heavy from Khador. Look for a review going up on Bell of Lost souls soon. Other then that it is just another day and another dolla painting me some plastic Dudesmen.

Goatboy – Sunday

This last week was a rush to finish 2 armies. My Grey Knights and a clients Blood Ravens. I got both done so there isn’t a whole lot else done besides that. I did get a FW Bile drone done which is pretty bad ass. Other then that, more Marines! Yay!!! Orks are coming I swear!

Woohoo – Back on track!

This has been a crazy week. I got a rush job with a client and then my own Grey Knights rush job. I am on schedule with both of those to finish this week so all is good. Plus I just painted my 200th Necromunda guy!!! Lord have mercy I have touched all the minis from that range. Touched em bad hahah. Other then that I will get some more art up there too if you are interested in that – most art is a flat $25.00 dollar fee. Woohoo!

Another Sunday – Woohoo

Goatboy here again – it was a pretty big week with lots of vehicles (6 rhinos damnit!). Some Necromunda and the start of a rush job to get some Blood Ravens out the door for a client. Fun times indeed. I am on the correct time frame to get the Ravens as well as my Grey Knights done. I should also finish up my Iron Warriors too. Woohoo!