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Wow – it has been too long

Lots and lots of stuff. I am finishing up more and more minis and getting things done. My Grey Knights have gotten huge because I have mini buying issues haha. I am not sure where I am going to go for my own personal army but will see. Welp onto some models!

Lord it has been a bit

Wargames Con has come and gone – welcome to Bolscon next year. Woohoo!! I have been doing lots of mini stuff so this post will be huge – mix this with 25 more bags of art and you got a huge update. Lord so lets begin.

Now some Art Bags!

Woohoo Friday Post

Update update and more Updates!! I like to paint eh? Heh.

Missed Friday

I was in a building zone and completely spaced on the update. So instead of Friday it is a Saturday update! Woohoo! Lots of stuff as I did a bunch of painting this week. I got ahead of the game. Look for a big update next week too as my wife is going to help her mom fix up the house for a few days so poor old Goat is left alone at home. So enough of that onto the minis.

Friday Update

This week was a bunk week as I came back from the Da Boyz GT and I was a bit beat. I only got a few things finished – and I plan on having more next week. Up next is more Mordhiem stuff, Dirty Ice Nids, and of course some more Dark Eldar as I plan on finishing that army up. There will also be some World Eaters coming up and other neat stuff too. So lets get on with the 4 things I did.

Quick Friday Post

I didn’t get as much done this week due to getting ready. But I did get some stuff done woot. So here they are.

Friday Paint update

First – I added a project page. This is for clients to see where they are at in the process. I try to update it everyday as I usually complete bits and pieces throughout the week. So check it out as I update it with shipping status etc. So all in all good times.

But some paint stuff. Khador stuff, some test for a new client, and other fun things. Woohoo.

Friday Paint Update –

I updated the About page with some examples. So if you come from Bell of Lost Souls it will show you some examples you can click on. Besides that I also added a Projects page that can show where I am at with the different projects I work on week to week. My normal paint schedule is a squad a day so I can easily keep up with multiple army projects. So enough about that – how about some minis right? This week has some RPG minis as well as some Khador stuff that came out pretty good.

Goatboy – Friday Paint Update

Been busy – I know I didn’t post on Friday but I only had one or two minis so I figured I would start today. I have some RPG minis, Space Goats, Khador stuff, and some more Mordheim from Fritz.

More paint Stuff

I paint a lot – I will be planning on updating here every Friday with all the stuff I have painted for the week. It is normally a lot as I get into all sorts of random stuff during a normal work week. I am lucky where I have time to paint most weekdays and can get a lot done.

Currently on the block are some Grave Guard. Some Mordheim for Fritz from Fritz40k. Some more RPG miniatures and a bunch of the new Mantic Zombies too. Beyond that I might do some crazy Obliterator conversions for myself too as well as plan what kind of stuff I want to do for my Dark Eldar my brain is brewing. Fun times indeed. So without further ado here are some minis. There are a lot.