Goatboy’s Armies

This is where I will post my personal armies I play with. I am constantly building new stuff all the time for myself as well as tests for future client work. My style falls into a very painterly style that suites the dark and dank nature of any type of game. I just don’t like seeing clean stuff as you can tell from all my armies shown below.

Space Goats/Space Wolves/Goat Angels – This is my current favorite army. If I am building something marine like, I usually push towards some kind of goat headed maniac. I mixed both armies together because I really didn’t want to build another red armored army.

Space Orks – Nob Bikerz, Battle Wagon Blitz, ORKS ORKS ORKS – This is one of my initial “Goatboy” armies. I built Nob bikerz pretty quickly after the codex came out and discovered they worked well in the initial phase of 5th edition. I also pushed into Battle Wagons when the new kit came out and currently I am in the planning stages of a Orkbot army build. So look for those coming to the blog and this part soon.

Pictures to come

Marine Bike Army – I always liked the idea of a fully mobile army, so thus this came out. I also wanted a simple paint scheme that can be quick and give me a fun, alternative army to play.

Pictures to come

Warriors of Chaos – I dabbled in a WoC army for fantasy as I ran out of things to paint up. Waiting on the new edition before I jump into magic and mayhem.

Pictures to come

Warmachine: Cyrx Army – I went with red as the energy color to match the idea that they are sacrificing things and going after blood. I have had fun painting this army and hopefully get a chance to throw more dice when the Army Book comes out.

I have other armies that will be going through a rework/repaint stage as the time goes on for them. But those are my current go to armies above.

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