More stuff – Iron Goat – First White Scars – More damned Goats

As usual – more goats. I also finished more nids this week as well as some IG, but here are some things I took pics of.

A big ole update

Sorry it has been awhile. I have been busy and just trying to catch up on some painting stuff. Between waiting on some special bits for clients I finished up my little Hobby Extra for my Space Goats. Some Swift Claw Bikers to add to the zany Goat Mythology of idiocy. Plus some nid stuff as well as some Ork stuff that is based off a Tau Crisis suit. So without much else, onto the minis!

More painted thingies!

I guess this is all the blog is about hehe. Painted minis. We got some more Space Goats, Dirty Snow Nids, a Crazy Tervigon Conversion, Throgg and finally some Grey Knights. Fun times indeed.

More stuff – more orks

And of course some IG stuff. Almost at the end of this IG order, it just kept getting bigger and bigger. The army is Huge hah. Finished off some Orks for a painting contest. Next week sees some Grey Knights, more Ice Nids, and hopefully some Trolls from the new boxed set. Fun times. But lets start off with some Orks.

More minis I did Hooray!

Finished up the Marauder/Half Naked Chicks/WoC things. I also finished the 4th Mega Nob and did the 2nd and final Goat Angels Vindicator. Woot. I heading to the Alamo 40k GT this weekend, so wish me luck. Hooray!

More stuff Painted

Waiting on a bits order from Paulson Games to finish up some Tyranid warriors so look for more Nid stuff next week. I am almost done with my first Meganob squad and just need to build the big bad ass Super Ork Warboss in Mega Armor to complete it. As well as the Trukk hah. But I have the 3rd one to show you and finished the 4th one earlier today. Beyond that I have some of the final pieces to the Goat Angel puzzle. The 2nd Death Company Dread as well as the rest of the Death Company to get me two Death Company Dreads. So without further ado, 3 pictures of miniatures.

The Death Company are also my Blood Claws for my Space Goats. The price increase has made me really think about my armies so I can plan to have the most bang for my buck. I got some chest pieces from Troll Forged Miniatures so look for some kit bashed Daemon Princes coming down the line. I got some funky ideas for them. The pieces look really nice and are very clean. Much better then the pictures showcased. Next post will be my White Vindicator, 4th and 5th Meganob and most likely more Marauder girls for a client. Fun times.

For those seeing this from BOLS

This is the new site of Full of Monkey painting. Basically I went ahead and incorporated a paint blog as well as the actual painting site. Look for weekly updates as I show different things I have worked on during the week. Currently I am still working on Nids as well as some other personal projects. Fun stuff indeed. My other blog will stay around as my list building area.

Currently on the block is more Female Marauders, More nids, the next 3 Meganobz, a Trukk for the Nobz, a Mega Armored Warboss, and some Final Space Goats for my Alamo 40k GT list. WOOT! I likes to paint!

Weekly Painting update – Nids and Orks oh MY!

The Nid project continues on. The dirty ice nids are reaching its finished state on all the big bugs. Look for a ton more little bugs coming in the next few weeks. Fun times. I had to convert Lash Whips on the Tyrant Guard. Also I have the first converted Meganob for a new personal Ork army in the works. Fun times indeed.

Nids and some Goats

As usual, I can never stop painting my Goat army. Whether it is the initial push of Goat Angels or the greatest army of all Goat Angels I always seem to come back to painting something each week. Look for another batch of stuff coming next week, as I take pics of my Assault Terminator squad. Also prepare for more nids as well as some IG stuff.

I got Alamo coming up in a few weeks and plan on playing Goat Angels with Mephiston and friends running around. Will see how it plays as I play the list at a Heavy Tournament about 2 weeks before. Woot. I will also be testing out some lists tomorrow at the local store. Hooray for dice.

Full Of Monkey – Version 2.0

This is the beginning of a new Full of Monkey Painting Service. I’ve decided to incorporate the blog with the service, so look for updates coming here in the future as I start to get moving and getting this whole set up. Woot – lets start the ride eh? Here is the Baal Predator # 2 for my Goat Angels Army as well as a new Trygon I completed for a client..