More stuff Painted

Waiting on a bits order from Paulson Games to finish up some Tyranid warriors so look for more Nid stuff next week. I am almost done with my first Meganob squad and just need to build the big bad ass Super Ork Warboss in Mega Armor to complete it. As well as the Trukk hah. But I have the 3rd one to show you and finished the 4th one earlier today. Beyond that I have some of the final pieces to the Goat Angel puzzle. The 2nd Death Company Dread as well as the rest of the Death Company to get me two Death Company Dreads. So without further ado, 3 pictures of miniatures.

The Death Company are also my Blood Claws for my Space Goats. The price increase has made me really think about my armies so I can plan to have the most bang for my buck. I got some chest pieces from Troll Forged Miniatures so look for some kit bashed Daemon Princes coming down the line. I got some funky ideas for them. The pieces look really nice and are very clean. Much better then the pictures showcased. Next post will be my White Vindicator, 4th and 5th Meganob and most likely more Marauder girls for a client. Fun times.

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