Been a bit – but still painting like mad

Did an awesome Master Paint class this past weekend. It really drilled home some fine art thoughts and combined them with painting. It just gave me more options to give my clients as well as some much need invigoration to get my ass in gear more. Currently I am almost finished with my own personal Daemon army for 40k. I was lucky in that I had a lot of the conversion pieces so the overall cost was very low. This is good, as the summer has been hard on the commission front so things were tighter then it needed to be. It also didn’t help that I had some major expenses that just kicked my in the butt a bit. But I am still here, still painting and having a good time. Nid army is 2 weeks away from finishing (getting some models from builder etc) and the IG army I am always working on is getting close to getting done so I can start on his White Scars :) .

More Daemon stuff will get shone as I take some pics. The floating eyeball guys have a gloss on the eyes and I will get some better pics of them. This army will go up in the army page. Also – beyond all the painting stuff I am still doing art so if you want a drawing/banner design/etc hit me up. The price is low, $25.00, and the timeframe is pretty quick.

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