Post before BolsCon/War Games Con

This week is going to be crazy as I get some stuff done and get ready to work BolsCon/WarGames Con. This is just a bunch of stuff I have been painting since the last post. I am finishing up Nids right now and will hopefully have 40 Termaguants and 20 Genestealers by Wednesday as well as another Goat Speeder and some art. Woot. So onto the minis.

Big things this week are a bunch of Tier 2+ Empire guys I did for a local client. These are in my new style I am have been working on. Cleaner and some smooth layering. Fun times.

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  1. Really like the new and improved 2+ style. Since I’m still a newb at painting and like to soak up every bit of advice I can get: is there a chance to get something like a tutorial by you? Like, step-by-step progression, to see how you work? (or even a video ala Les of fame :P )

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