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Whoops – Late – Friday/Saturday Mini post

I finished up a bunch of work last week and finally finished up that White DE army this week. So right now things have slowed down a bit to the point where I can work on some art pieces too. So look for those coming in at some point also. Beyond that I started on my own personal Army that I plan on painting at tier 3 with some cool conversion work etc. It will most likely be my next year tournament army. I might sell it afterwards so will see. It is the Word Bearers and they play as a counts as Space Wolf army. I know some of the internet will groan but it fits the play style I want to play :) . Anyway onto the minis. Look for more Necromunda in the coming weeks and maybe a Tau army too.

Full of Monkey Painting Post

This was a slow week – Wife’s bday and just a few days off schedule really took out some of my painting time. I did finish two commissions – the Ice Nids and Fritz’s Mordhiem minis. Those both shipped out. I started on some Chaos Daemons too as well as some other personal army stuff for an upcoming new build out. Fun fun fun. The Dark Eldar for Chris C are almost done too – so look for them to be fully finished next week. I got a Raider, some Incubi, 2 Ravagers, and a Venom to finish. A big push will be done later today so hopefully those bastards will get out of my house hah. I also got a new small commission for more D&D minis too. Look for the client page to get a reworking as I add more as well as my own personal army page too. I also plan on fixing up my Light box more so people can see more detail work on my stuff. On to the minis!

Another big week before Xmas

The other all white DE army is almost done. I am just onto some vehicles and a few small bits and pieces. It looks pretty crazy on the table top with all the white running across the field. The raiders are pretty dang sweet :) . Beyond that I did a crazy Terminator build with massive magnet set up on it. And as usual a few small things here and there. A big week and I hope next week to have another good week with Juggernauts, Hormaguants, and some more Mordhiem stuff.

Big Week

I thought I didn’t do a lot last week – but I guess I was wrong. Lots of stuff from all over the place. Some fantasy, some D&D, more 40k, and other bits and pieces. So all in all a good week and I hope for another one next week so I can finish out a ton of stuff.

Miniature Update

Some DE and other bits and pieces as I finish up some work. Next week I hope to have some CSM, Necromunda, and some more DE as usual.

New post with minis I have painted

I am currently finishing up some basic Mantic guys for War Games Con/BolsCon. Beyond that I will have some upcoming White Scars as well as some other random bits and pieces. I did finish 4 Mark of the Wolfen Space Goats based off of the Beastmen. I think they look pretty sweet and helps really split them from the regular Space Goats. These 4 lets me field for complete Grey Hunter squads with Rhinos/Razorbacks :) . The only thing I have left to look at is another Missile Launcher to get a full 10 missiles for the army. Fun times.

More stuff – Iron Goat – First White Scars – More damned Goats

As usual – more goats. I also finished more nids this week as well as some IG, but here are some things I took pics of.

A big ole update

Sorry it has been awhile. I have been busy and just trying to catch up on some painting stuff. Between waiting on some special bits for clients I finished up my little Hobby Extra for my Space Goats. Some Swift Claw Bikers to add to the zany Goat Mythology of idiocy. Plus some nid stuff as well as some Ork stuff that is based off a Tau Crisis suit. So without much else, onto the minis!

More painted thingies!

I guess this is all the blog is about hehe. Painted minis. We got some more Space Goats, Dirty Snow Nids, a Crazy Tervigon Conversion, Throgg and finally some Grey Knights. Fun times indeed.

More stuff – more orks

And of course some IG stuff. Almost at the end of this IG order, it just kept getting bigger and bigger. The army is Huge hah. Finished off some Orks for a painting contest. Next week sees some Grey Knights, more Ice Nids, and hopefully some Trolls from the new boxed set. Fun times. But lets start off with some Orks.