Full of Monkey Painting Post

This was a slow week – Wife’s bday and just a few days off schedule really took out some of my painting time. I did finish two commissions – the Ice Nids and Fritz’s Mordhiem minis. Those both shipped out. I started on some Chaos Daemons too as well as some other personal army stuff for an upcoming new build out. Fun fun fun. The Dark Eldar for Chris C are almost done too – so look for them to be fully finished next week. I got a Raider, some Incubi, 2 Ravagers, and a Venom to finish. A big push will be done later today so hopefully those bastards will get out of my house hah. I also got a new small commission for more D&D minis too. Look for the client page to get a reworking as I add more as well as my own personal army page too. I also plan on fixing up my Light box more so people can see more detail work on my stuff. On to the minis!

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