Word Bearers

Word Bearers that I got a lot of hate for. This army is for sale if someone was interested. You can email me. Cost would be $750.00 including the two trays of Battlefoam.

Here are some new ones from the new updated to CSM.

Army is based off of the Space Wolves Codex
4 Troop choices with Rhinos as well as the option to make them Razorbacks with Lascannon/Plasmagun.
1 Large swift claw squad with Multi-melta Horsemen with one of the Marauder horsemen with Power Weapon.
3 Bike Riding HQ. One has Powerfist/Storm Shield, another is a Wolf Priest and another can be a Wolf Lord/Battle Guard leader with a pair of Lightning Claws.
7 Man WG pack – has one with Terminator Armor/Cyclone Missile Launcher. Most are combi-melta/powerfist. One is combi-plasma/powerfist. Also one is a Horse rider/Biker with Storm Shield and Powerfist.
2 Long Fang packs – one with 3 HB/2ML the other with 5 ML.

Most have some form of conversion on them – bitz swap etc – while others are designed to be the Word Bearers before the change. The bases are also magnetic so they can stick to a board for display purposes.

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