Here are links to some of my other comic work if you are interested.

Plastic Dudesmen – Comic for Bell of Lost Souls

Personal WebComic Work.

Broadband My Ass – Comic I did for a few years about technical support and other shenanigans.

Little Ghosties Pt. 1 – This one is about Ghosts that say stupid stuff. I thought of these while on doing business in the bathroom or driving my car.

Little Ghosties Pt. 2 – I took a break and then they came back and punch me in the nuts. Thus I did more.

Little Ghosties Comic Book – Why won’t they leave me alone???

Actual Comic book I worked on.

Machines of Loving Grace – written by my good buddy Dave Justus.

The Doll – little test comic I did just for myself a few years ago.

24hr Comic 2004 – Yeah this killed me a little inside.

24hr Comic 2006 – I lost 2005 somewhere.

And finally some sample art. This will get updated a bit more as I finish pieces.

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