Sorry it has been awhile

Doing a quick one – schedule change means I don’t nearly have the random internet time to post stuff up. Going to try and change that – as obviously I have painted a bunch of stuff as is evident in the updates to the customer pages. So without further ado some models.

First some Dark Eldar for Jens – went with a green style with a dark design up to a light greyish blue for the line work. This is a huge order for watch this to increase as the weeks go on.

Michael N’s huge ork army is finally done. This was a huge one and he is looking at having a Fantasy Ork army done. Maybe – will see hah.

Luis P – As usual this one keeps getting bigger and bigger. I painted up some Mordhiem guys as well as more Necromunda stuff. It never ends for the Goat.


More to come next week – more Necromunda stuff as well as some Evil Grey Knights and Dark Eldar.

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