Luis P

Wow – Luis has been working with me since the beginning of Full of Monkey painting. He has had me painting lots of IG, Necromunda, some Ultramarines and will have some upcoming Mordhiem, White Scars, and maybe even a CSM army. Lots of things. I had help with a lot of this project from Chris too so look for his stuff to pop in here also.

“I started asking about a couple of squads to be painted…and now, everytime I want a new one for my army, I know these guys are the right ones for the job”

Necromunda Stuff – 247+ models later and you got a tired Goatboy.

Some Death Korps for Luis too.

Mordhiem – New project just started

I am also doing a bunch of Dark Vengeance models for Luis as well. A lot of them.

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