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Woohoo Big Week

Lots of things done. Some small, some big but overall a good week. Next week is looking decent too. Also upcoming builds include some Blood Ravens and maybe more Grey Knights. Woot. Hopefully some Nids too and some Orks will come along for the ride. Now onto the minis.

This was a better week

Even though I had another wedding this week ending up being a good one. I painted a lot of things, got some test stuff done, and overall I am pretty happy with how everything turned out. I built my Iron Warriors list, got my Grey Knight thoughts done, and sent off a lot of stuff. Woohoo! Now onto the minis.

More minis – Another Week!!!

This week was a bit of a rough one. Just lots of things to do that were not mini painting related. I did get things done and minis shipped out so that is good. It is just tiring hah.

So onto the minis!

Woohoo Sunday post

This was an alright week. Lots and lots of CSM stuff, some Menoth and other random bits and pieces as usual. All in all a good week. Which is always good :) heh.

Woohoo survived!

This week was a monster. I do art work so I had some commission stuff to do during the week. It was a nutty week as I had to do educational stuff as well as some other projects. I did find some time for painting and finished up the Chaos Reaver for a client. I will get better pictures at a later time but I will show it for now. Woohoo messy room too hah.

Sunday update for the Week!

Woohoo! Another week passed. I didn’t do as much as I would have liked – sick, change in work schedule for the week, and the weather all contributed to “less” painting time. Beyond that I also had some other work to do too. Fun fun fun. Sick makes things crappy doesn’t it? Anyway onto the minis. A good range of stuff this week.

I am late – or am I?

Gonna start posting painted stuff on Sundays. I usually have more time to work on it and it is easier for me to remember. So Sundays look for new paintings!!! And some artwork too. Woot. Onto some painted stuff – it was a slow week due to storms etc here and the lack of me being able to prime stuff. No fun at all. But I did get some stuff done.

Painting post update!!! WOOHOO!!!

So the intertubes hate me due to my counts as Word Bearers. At least they think it looks good hahaha. Anyway onto some minis. I got some Warmachine stuff, Necromunda stuff, CSM, and some Word Bearers. A good week :) .

Weekly Painting update

I am in a slow period as some projects finished up and others are just waiting to get things stripped so I can get them started on. So that means a bit more of my own work shows up this week. Fun times indeed.

Full of Monkey Painting Update!!!

Woohoo – this week was a slower week as I got some small things done here and there. This next week I have more Necromunda stuff, a Nurgle DP, and maybe some miniature fixing for a client who had a bad paint job on the models. It should be fun. Of course the new DA FAQ changes makes me want to make a Goatwing army. Hehe. So will see. There will probably be some more Word Bearers and other things. Fun fun fun. Also hopefully a Reaver Titan soon.