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Price List

Tier 1 - includes basic basing as well as any simple conversion work (price can range based on what is needed to be done)

Tier 2 - Is the level we would want to paint any base characters as well as anything that has more complicated conversions.

Tier 3 - Is the highest level we offer and thus the price difference from the other two tiers. We are lucky to have a painter on staff that can produce such work. If you would like to have models created in this Tier, please email me. Here is a base price list, as it really can vary from figure to figure.

All pricing can change based on bulk orders or other considerations. A fully painted army as one commission will generate substantial savings over individual models.

All payments are made via Paypal and there is an initial deposit given before we begin any work. Depending on the size of the order, initial deposits can run from 33% to 75%.

If you prefer, we can purchase any models for you, saving you the cost of shipping, for no additional charge (other then the cost of the models). You can also purchase your models via Battleforge Games and consign the models to us for delivery. If you have any questions please feel free to email me.