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Here at Full of Monkey Designs we have 3 tiers of service. We do not do a Tier 0 as we feel that is below our own current skill levels, as well as something I would not want to field on the table top. Each Tier has different options for style level - Clean or Dirty. Dirty involves weathering and other effects in order to give it a worn in look. Orks, Chaos, and Darker armies work well with this style. Clean is obviously smooth highlights mixed with a just washed look.

Here is a list of what each tier incorporates. Click on pricing to view each Tier's individual price plan. We also give discounts on bulk orders, so feel free to email me to discuss any pricing.

Tier 1 - Trooper/Base vehicle paint style - 1 to 2 highlights, simple conversions and basic basing. You have two options within this tier, clean or dirty.

Tier 2- Champions within the unit and the base level you would want your HQ characters to be. More conversion work can be done at this tier level as well as base work.

Tier 3 - Extremely high level of highlights, conversion work, as well as base work. This tier is not used for any basic trooper, as the time frame to complete the work would be a huge investment.