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Goatboy - Owner, Writer, Super Paint Ninja

Besides being one of the contributers to Bell of Lost Souls, Goatboy is an avid painter, artist, and army designer. He started Full of Monkey as a way for him to continue his drive to design new armies as well as keep his man room less packed with plastic dudes.

Aventine - Clean Painter, Writer, Super Paint Ninja

Chris/Aventine is the clean painter of our bunch. His style is very smooth with a much more animation style that really pops on the table top. Chris is alos a contributer to Bell of Lost Souls as well as being one hell of an opponent. Who says Eldar are weak in 5th eh?

Robert - Tier 3 Super Painter

Robert is another Austin local that can throw down a mean paint scheme on a model. If you want your mini to look like something out of the newest White Dwarf, Robert is your man.

JWolf - Paint Apprentice, Writer, Business Advisor

I am sure you know JWolf from Bell of Lost Souls. He is the newest member of the paint team who excels in building models as well as getting things to a nice Table Top Quality. I am currently training him on my methods in order to help jump start or process in creating awesome armies quickly and efficiently.

Dustin - New Painter, Forgeworld Master, Chaos Spawn

Dustin is a new edition from Florida who contacted me and showed some awesome models in the process. His style is more like my own with a push towards a higher tier of design and style. If you want some really great looking Chaos guys, Dustin is the one to get working on your army.

I am always on the look out for more talent. If you are interested in working with Full of Monkey designs, shoot me an email at